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In 600 some of the emigrants who left Europe in search of work in America, closing the house, with little baggage they brought with them the cat. These were animals with no claim to nobility, but nice and friendly. A group of dedicated breeders, joining with teachers in the blood of some good players, managed to "fix" a new breed of strong, beautiful, original, at once admired and later met with success at the shows. The common cat had traveled to Europe after the emigrants got it with a bit of glory the new nationality. The first American Shorthair, Buster Brown, was born in 1904 from a cross between a British Shorthair cat and American Shorthair.


The 'American Shorthair cat is a robust and well proportioned.

Size: large (male and female 5 kg 7 kg).

Head: Broad and slightly rounded, square chin and a small nose.

Eyes: bright and quite large, they should be rounded.

Body: solid structure. Shoulders should be well developed, muscular chest.

Tail should be medium length, wider at the base.

Legs and feet should be robust

Coat: Fur is provided with a short but strong texture, as well as to withstand great cold, moisture, wounds from fighting between cats, impacts with thorny vegetation. During the winter months, the fur becomes more dense, but not woolly.

Colors: The standard provides a wide range of colors and many designs of the coat.

Life expectancy: 15 years


It 's a smart cat, affectionate, home, friend of children. Excellent climber and jumper, the hunting instinct is irrepressible in him. Even when he ate properly, is always ready to catch mice in each dimension. And 'so even seen a cat "work". Becomes attached indiscriminately to all members of the family, treat him with respect and provided praise him when he brings home the "goodies" on the fly acchiappati.

Do not disdain to apartment life, provided that is sometimes given the freedom to move or run around on a terrace on a roof. But if you will be glad to have larger space. Even if it goes away for a few hours, his strong sense of love of home and do it promptly back at the bosses.


The coat should be brushed once a week. During SCOTTISH FOLD molting the scrubbing step (2 - 3 times a week). If you are outside, it is appropriate to apply pesticides on the mantle.


It is not picky, eats anything and if he has the ability to move, does not tend to gain weight. The ideal is a diet of specific foods packaged. Even fresh foods are good: especially likes the meat, but its diet should include vegetables and rice.


The female should not be made to play the first 15-18 months of age. Gestation lasts 2 months and the mother does not need special care before and after childbirth. On average 4-5 kittens are born per litter.

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