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American Wirehair Cat

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American Wirehair Cat

american wirehair



The American Wirehair is a modern cat, the result of a spontaneous mutation occurred in 1966 in upstate New York. In a litter of American Shorthair kittens were born two and curly haired, most like the hair of a sheep than a kitten. Subsequent crossings made ??by experienced breeders, gave rise to the new breed. For the story: the first American Wirehair kitten named Adam and he was white and red


Head: in proportion to body, round with prominent cheeks. Gently curved nose.

Ears: Rounded.

Eyes: bright, round, well spaced, color matching that of the mantle.

Body should be well proportioned, but strong and muscular.

Legs: Strong, compact and oval paws. Males are clearly larger than females.

TAIL: proportionate, but with blunt ends

HAIR: The whole of his cloak makes a cat by unique characteristics. Curly Hair or hooked to form a medium length fur, rougher on the head, back, hips, base of tail, chin and soft to belly.

Colors: The standard provides a wide range of colors and many designs of the coat.


Independent, deeply interested in everything around him, affectionate, hunter of mice, active, agile, capable of attracting attention to the other cats' paw of iron. "Becomes attached to the whole family, but want respect and tranquility. He loves both homes open spaces


Use the brush and comb used in moderation, because his hair should be wavy to curly


It is not picky; can eat anything.


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