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Bombay Cat




This breed is the result of hybridization between the American and Burmase brown short hair, done in the early '50s, an 'American breeder Nikki Horner, in tetativo to create a small black panther. After a decade Nikki had reached his goal was in fact produced a black cat, the hair shiny, round head, eyes the color of copper from the body and muscular. With the passing of the years, the characteristics of bombay are significantly different from those of burmese therefore can no longer be considered a "black Burmese".


Size: average of 2 to 5 kg

Head: Round, not flat areas, with a plump face ending in a short muzzle from stop to be highlighted.

Ears: Medium size, slightly beveled at the ends and shake immediately suspicious noise to a minimum.

Nose: Black.

Eyes: Round, yellow or dark copper.

Body must be supple, elongated, of medium size, rather solid and supported by agile legs bearing blacks. In the most obvious measure of what happens in other breeds, the males are considerably more robust than females.

Coda: elegant, of medium length.

HAIR: Short, fine texture reminiscent of satin, very adherent to the skin.

Colour: Self: black, brown


The Bombay cat is very affectionate, rarely stops purring, its part of the event needs a lot of affection, not to be left alone except for short periods of time, I love peace and hate loud noises. His life takes place exclusively in the home.

And 'an animal specially selected for apartment life.


Brush often with a soft brush to keep the hair glossy.


As a moderate appetite, because it burns very few calories. Welcomes a mostly meaty foods.


For each birth up to 4-5 kittens are born: they are voracious. The puppies are solid and will become fully clear blacks after the sixth month of life.



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