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British Shorthair cat

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British Shorthair cat


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The British cat is nothing but the common English who, through breeding, selection and cat shows, was "ennobled", has won its standards and has carved an important place in a private setting only to " Aristocats ". History and legend recalling ancient origins: it is said that the breed originated in the days of Moses, in Egyptian territory, or who is descended from the original African cat (Felis Iybica) and that nearly 2,000 years ago, was brought to Scotland by the invading Romans. However, the British conquered slowly across Britain, but became really popular only after the participation in the first cat show in 1871. After the initial enthusiasm, his popularity went declining and we can talk about selective breeding until after the Second World War, when, to reinvigorate the breed, was hybridized with the Persian in order to find the skeleton of the original structure. This made the shell thicker and thicker as the head and whole body were acquired roundness of which have very different cat from Europe, has always considered his first cousin.


The British cat is a medium to large. He looks strong and sweet look. The bones and muscles are strong.

Size: 5-6 kg male, the female 4-5 kg.

Head: Round with well-rounded edges.

Ears: Broad at the base and rounded at the tip.

Eyes: Large, round, intense and brilliant color.

Body: Medium to large, muscular.

Tail: wide at the base and thinner towards the tip, which is rounded

Legs: boned and muscular with moderate to heavy.

Coat: Very fluffy, thick and dense. Do not flatten the body of the animal but tends to be more relieved.

Colors: the normal color is blue, but it is also very popular cream color.

Life expectancy: 13 years


The British Shorthair cat robust, has a strong sense of dignity and independence. Although this is very attached to the family, playing with children and dogs, and is a loyal companion for adults. His strength allows him to cope with any situation calmly.


An exceptionally strong and robust cat that does not require special care and attention. Only a few grooming needs more attention than other shorthaired breeds: the compact and dense coat should be brushed frequently, especially during the period of the suit.


It has no special requirements can eat fresh food that is packaged. Equally appreciates the meat and fish, foods that you should base your diet home. The power needs to be followed during growth and particularly a diet adequate in adults provides a great support.


The female can reproduce at around 10 months of life, but you should wait until the 2 nd heat (15-18 months) before it joined. Gestation lasts 60 days on average 4-5 kittens are born with every birth.


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