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The Burmese is descended from a single specimen of a cat, Wong Mau a Burmese cat, who in 1930 was imported into the USA by Dr. Thompson. Registered exposure of San Francisco, her pussy was not a big success. But the doctor did not give up and crossed the Siamese cat with a male and then, with three of her children. Had three different types of Siamese kittens a pointed, dark brown from the tips minimally colored, the first real Burmese, and finally with a dark coat, with peaks even darker, as the mother. The Burmese was recognized by the CFA in 1936 and was born in England in 1954 the Burmese Cat Club Recognized in 1960 in the United States, this breed is now well established in most of Europe and its success has reached even Australia and New Zealand.


The breed standard American English differ significantly, although the selection tends to present as much as possible to bring its most distant from each other.

The American line has a cat hangout and a round head, and the British line has a cat on the structure and features more elongated.

Size: The male can weigh up to 5 kg and the female than 3 kg.

HEAD: Short and round, harmonious and sweet features and delicate, with the thick neck

Ears: wide at the base, with rounded tip.

Eyes: Round, intense and brilliant color.

Body: Medium-sized with good muscle development.

Legs: of medium bone, well-proportioned body.

Tail: Medium length.

Coat: Fine and bright, very close to the body.


Sable: The most popular, the color is very intense, hot and dark brown.

Blue: blue-gray, with greenish-colored tin.

Chocolate: milk chocolate hot shades.

Lilac: pale gray and delicate, with reflected light pink.

Red: red-orange color, apricot.

Cream: soft pastel shades of cream.

Sable Tortie: brown, warm and intense, mixed or mottled with red, just like the carapace of turtles from which it takes its name.

Blue-cream: includes shades of pale blue and cream, mixed or mottled.

Scale chocolate: milk chocolate hot hue, with the addition of red, even in this case, mixed or mottled.

Tortie Lilac: pale lilac and pale cream color, mixed or mottled.


Life expectancy: 15 years


The Burmese cat is active, sociable and quiet. It is very attached to people, needs to be praised, to receive attention and above all to play every day, is also very curious, loves to travel provided they can observe what happens around him. He has great ability to adapt, that is both cat city and countryside. It lives well in an apartment, especially if it comes with a terrace with green plants.


You should always keep the coat clean, caressing it with a glove or a flannel slightly moistened with water and vinegar


The diet is not varied greatly, especially in sensitive stages such as weaning the baby or pregnancy, or risk weakening the animal with new foods that could react with problems of food intolerance.

Recommended intake:

Puppy: (up to 7 months) 100 g of dry food (crisps) and 80 g of wet food (or chunks of meat pâtés)

Adult: 90 g of dry food and 100 g of wet food (canned or cooked meat in the house), making sure you include vegetables, rice and pasta in your diet.

Elder: 80 g of dry food and 60 g of wet food (canned or cooked meat in the house). Use white meat and foods rich in fiber.

To help his gut, sometimes a little lazy, you can give both the puppy to adult yogurt rich in lactic acid bacteria. (For an adult meal, 2 teaspoons to 1 teaspoon and for the puppy to the meal).


The girls feel the heat first 8 months and give birth to an average of 4 pups. The mother is affectionate and very caring, takes care of the children with attention and love. The cat gives birth after 60-65 days of gestation without great difficulty or particular intervention of man. And 'Just prepare a warm and secluded, a wooden box will do fine with a warm blanket inside. A birth year is ideal to be easy on the cat too. During pregnancy it is necessary to feed the cat abundantly above all in the last month with foods rich in protein and minerals and vitamins. The puppy comes with coffee-colored coat that is darker then.


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