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Burmilla Cat




The Burmilla cat was born in Great Britain in 1981, where he founded the first Cat Club dedicated to this breed. Its ancestors are a Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. The Burmilla is especially popular in Denmark and England. The Burmilla today has a well-defined morphology, but the start of the breeding program has required much effort. Two years after the birth of the first examples, the breed gained official recognition by the Cat Association of Britain, during the presentation of some specimens in the exhibition. Subsequently also recognizes the FIFe.


It has a well developed muscles, with a muscular body and broad chest.

Size: Medium

Head: the snout is rounded cheeks of a Scottish Fold, the nose has nasal terracotta color, the nose has a stop at the base.

Ears: wide at the base and rounded at the tip, tilt forward.

Eyes: expressive, very open and somewhat oblique. The color ranges from green to yellow green.

Coat: short with thick and dense texture. And 'soft and flat on the body, but has a slight roughness on the tips. It has a very special coat. He tipped a base effect and silver gray stripes on legs, tail and snout.

Colors: Silver \ Shaded. Brown Tipped, Shaded Black, Lilac, Chocolate and Light Chocolate Tipped.


The Burmilla is a cat who has learned well balanced mix of intelligence and liveliness with the Burmese paciosa sophistication of Persian chinchilla. It has a quiet nature, but with the personality quite evident. It lives well in an apartment, nice and playful, affectionate exchanges with both the landlord and with other family members. The Burmilla is considered when forgotten or excluded from family life, knows how to attract attention and be "listening" in the true sense of the word.


His treatment since it is a shorthair cat, does not require excessive worries, just brush it once a week.


He needs a balanced diet. The ideal is a diet of specific foods packaged.


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