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Cornish Rex Cat




The Cornish rex was born July 21, 1950. Mrs. Nina Ennismore, owns a farm in Cornwall, was awed when he saw the five puppies that her pussy had just given birth to a kitten with scroll and completely strange undulations of the whole mantle, with an ovoid head and a body that was eclectic combination of lines was so strange that he decided to keep with it only later became aware of the exceptional importance of this cat and the mutation occurred, and with the help of a veterinarian and a geneticist, began a serious program But soon the farm house in Ennismore cat population grew until it became unbearable Mrs. tried to sell them, but with little success, so, in 1956, decided to suppress a number, putting in jeopardy the very survival of the breed. In 1960 England had only one cat Cornish, a male owned by Stirling Webb, who was forced to return to the breeding and whether lessons from one single person had to work first and then used in consanguinity cats of other breeds. These couplings lightened the initial model. the original is lost very quickly to get in a short time, a cat lighter, taller and thinner, with longer tail and snout.


Size: medium (about 3-4 kg)

Profile: convex nose, crushed; Scottish Fold Roman profile

Ears: should be high and large enough relative to the head

Eyes should be oval and medium-sized

Tail should be long, thin and covered with hair curled

Legs: long, with very fine boned, muscular, and small oval paws.

Coat: Short, fine, soft and dense, regular waves and in parallel. And 'no undercoat.

Colour: is there any kind of color and design of the coat. In addition to solid colors, are popular with white cloaks, the smoke and silver, the scales, the tabby, the fascinating "you-rex" (because Siamese), the two-tone harlequin

Average life :10-12 years


The Cornish Rex cat is outgoing, friendly, lively and great acrobat. The Cornish healthy pet is a very active and robust, driven by boundless energy, is witty and fun, a cat "clown" as they use to call his fans. He likes living with people, he needs physical contact with his master from which depends totally. And 'spirited and playful and not aggressive, hence particularly suitable for children. Never aggressive, is suitable for children and seniors. Usually coexists well with other cats.


It 'easy to manage a cat's coat does not need special care, because in order to keep it just smooth it with a damp chamois to remove loose hair and enhance natural curls. Her voice tones higher than the Devon, insistent during the period of heat. Suffer much of the cold in winter is always looking for a warm place to rest. He likes to have the kennel near a radiator, better if with some blankets.


This cat has the highest internal temperature and to meet the greatest needs, metabolic eats all the time the diet should be given based on packaged foods. In the case of fresh food, you must supplement with minerals and vitamins.


The female has the first heat at around 7 months, but you should wait at least a year old before letting her play. Gestation lasts about 2 months. On average 3 cubs are born per litter.


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