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The breed was born in 1960 in Cornwall for a spontaneous mutation occurred in a litter: Kirlee, a black boy, and a pixie nose and two big ears like a bat had curly hair. The cat was sold as a stud breeder Stirling Webb who was then working with Cornish. These coupled with the well-9 female cornish rex and got 29 puppies, but not one with the curly hair to show that the mantle of Kirlee was due to a novel mutation (geneII), other than that which characterized the Cornish (I gene) . The breeding programs of the two cats went to separate the two species were recognized in 1967.

The Cornish and Devon are the most famous and well known but there are many other breeds of cats with similar abnormalities of structure and texture of the mantle (the oregon, the german, the selkirk, the dutch, different races together from the point of view morphological and genetic, but with a common suffix rex to highlight anomalies in the mantle). The gene responsible for the Devon Rex's coat is a recessive gene known as "king" that allows the simultaneous presence of three types of hair (protective, intermediate and undercoat) but modified and curled so that it results in a short fur, fine texture and wavy. Both the gene responsible of the mantle of the devon than that of the Cornish are recessive to each other, and are located in different positions on the chromosome to the point that crossbreeding kittens born with the normal mantle.


He has huge ears, large eyes, short snout and triangular, tiny body and of medium length, but strong and muscular.

Size: medium-small (up to 4 kg 3.5 kg male and female)

Ears: Rounded toe, are well developed.

Eyes are spaced apart.

Muzzle is broad and short with the stop well defined.

Whiskers: as the eyebrows, must be gathered.

Body is slightly cylindrical, with a very broad chest. Of medium length.

Tail: long and covered with hair. Legs: long, medium-fine in bone; feet small and oval.

Coat: Short, fine, and always uniform throughout the body. It 's curly and wavy

Colors: all colors are accepted and the different distributions of color on the mantle. In addition to solid colors, are popular with white cloaks, the smoke and silver, the scales, the tabby, the fascinating "you-rex" (because the Siamese).

Life expectancy: 15 years


The Devon Rex cat is very quiet, suitable for kind hosts. And 'possessive with those who live around. She has a very affectionate and loves to play with people. It 'very home and routine. Suited to apartment life. And 'sociable with its fellows. Cats are 'different', cats that have lost some 'of their feline, are human-dependent and therefore highly sought after, much loved and pampered. They love the company, to live among the people, love to play with children, squatting on her lap, warm, safe and quiet and always in search of a sweet and gentle hand. It 'easy to find them huddled under the covers, curled at the corners of the house warmer. This search for the physical heat is due to the fact that their internal temperature is higher than that of the other cats to compensate for the greater heat loss caused by a mantle so particular. Suited to people who spend time at home and wants to cuddle and spoil.


We must wipe his hair once a week with a damp cloth. His big ears need a cleaning. Do not leave it alone for a long time: he needs the proximity of man. They love the heat and like comfortable, warm and comfortable kennels.


Eating cat food in wet or dry. Scottish Fold in the choice of dry food to choose a product low in magnesium. Much like the meat, but its power must also include rice and vegetables.


They are able to have puppies from 7 months of age, but you should expect to undertake a year of life. The coupling should be done with cats of the same race. Calves from 3 to 6 puppies at a time. They are attentive and caring mothers. Show much attachment to their offspring and rarely indulge in fits of jealousy. Indeed, since the first days after birth, you can touch the values ??puppies and even allow the other cats in the home access to the nest and did not hesitate to breastfeed in the company. The puppies are very early, within 7-8 days they open their eyes, but do not worry if someone dares to open the 2 nd day of life. Are born naked and up to three months of age do not have much hair The coat is thicker and is completed around the year of age. The puppies have great need, in the early months of attention and affection. They must remain with the mother at least three months and be transferred to the new owner to complete vaccination series.


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