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The 'Egyptian Mao is considered one of the oldest breeds, including those cats that around 1400 BC, at the time of the pharaohs, were loved and revered the same way as deities. The mao today is descended from a pair of cats donated by the Italian ambassador in Cairo to a Russian princess in exile in Rome. Baba, one of the first girls born from this mating, the exhibition was shown in Rome in 1955 and aroused great interest. The Princess in 1956 he moved with his cats in the United States where, after the first exposure and the early successes taken the long road to official recognition. The breed was first accepted in 1978, in Italy the first subjects were imported in 1990 from the United States. It 'the only breed of domestic cat to have a spotted coat, of course: a cat is considered natural in all respects, one of the few races where the hand of man has not intervened to modify these characteristics. There has been crossed with other breeds, just to preserve the unique original features.


The body is of medium size and length; rugged but agile and slender.

Size: Medium, 4-5 kg ??male, the female 3 kg

Muzzle: with rounded contour, the tip of the nose should be in line with the chin

Ears: medium-large and potentially pointy.

Eyes: almond-rounded, large, bright and expressive, light-green light.

Tail: wide at the base, becomes thin end.

Legs: Medium length with medium bone and solid muscle, small feet almost round.

Coat: Short to medium length and silky fine texture with elastic resistance.

Colors: Silver spotted having a blotch with a silver light silver background;

Bronze spotted where the bottom is brown bronze is very hot and dark brown mottling;

Black smoke with charcoal gray coat with a silver background without tiching and black spot.

Life expectancy: 12 years


The 'Egyptian Mao cat is a very sociable and active, is not very expansive. Affectionate with its master, but not much love to be in his arms. Becomes attached to one person. And 'suspicious of strangers. He needs lots of space. It adapts well to home life. It 'a good jumper and tends to climb anywhere. The male may have a stronger character and independent with respect to that of the female.


Its coat should be brushed once a week to remove dead hair. It 'a cat is quite delicate and can not stand the cold. Cleaning with a chamois leather gives shine to hair. It 'a cat that suffers from the cold and to avoid respiratory problems, should be kept warm in winter and especially away from drafts. In his kennel is also a good idea to put a sweater or a cushion to keep warm environment.


Much like the food packaged for cats: its daily ration is about 60 grams a day. Alternatively, you can give a ration of meat, offal with rice and vegetables, alternating with fresh fish or tuna in brine, low-fat cheeses (ricotta, goat, mozzarella).


It can reproduce from 10/12 months of age. Gestation lasts about 2 months and the development of the pups is slow (the coat takes its color from the 10 th month) 3-4 pups per litter born, cared for by the male and female. The females are good mares and many males are actively involved in rearing the kittens.


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