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Ethnicity obtained from the crossing between the Persian and American Shorthair cat. The body is sturdy and elegant legs supported by strong and bright. The short nose and small ears give it a sweet and intense The Exotic Shorthair is a cat looking very attractive, has a head in the round, two huge eyes, and some brilliant live 'projecting, heavy body and as large and short stumpy legs and tail are. There is no difference with the short-haired Persian but brings further evidence that all these characteristics to the point that, at first glance, the Exotic evokes recalls childhood, remembers those teddy bears that have accompanied and accompany the dreams of many Children.


Size: medium, can weigh from 4.5 kg to 5 kg

Head: big and round, with broad forehead and round.

Ears: small, not wide at the base and with rounded tips, well-spaced and placed low on the skull.

Eyes: Round, large, intense and brilliant color.

Nose: very short, with a stop is very pronounced.

Legs: short, stout, with heavy bone and strong muscles, feet large and round.

Tail: short, but in proportion to the body.

Coat: Double coat, thick and soft, not adherent to the body.

Colors: all colors are allowed under the Persian Empire.

Average life: live from 12 to 14 years


The Exotic Shorthair cat is gentle and sociable becomes attached to all members of the family. It binds to the very house where he lives. Quiet, is not aggressive but has a great temperament. And 'at home in the apartment. It does not resist much time outside, but if he has the chance to get out, is a good hunter of mice. And 'sociable with other cats and can usually live with other pets. It 'a teddy bear but only in appearance, is not at all bear with regard to the character, indeed, is a lazy, sweet, affectionate and very social. And 'slightly more active and enterprising of the Persian, although, admittedly, has the motto' live and let live 'its emblem. It 's the ideal cat for people who love the character of the Persian and his type but not have the time or patience to deal with his mantle, although the short hair does not mean you do not treat it at all. It 'a cat for everyone: young, elderly and children. Exceptional as a pet cat: sweet with people of a certain age, patient with children, easy to 'handle' for those with little time to devote to his toilet. It 's the perfect compromise between those who love the character of the Persian but can not resist the allure of short hair.


It should be brushed and combed thoroughly at least 2-3 times a week. During the period of the suit, his coat is brushed thoroughly every day. He needs lots of attention and caresses: he does not like being alone. For the particular shape of the nose, eyes that are extremely large and protruding, have a strong tendency to tearing and must be cleaned once or twice a day. The secretion is brownish and must be removed with the garzine or wipes moistened.


The ideal diet is composed of a mixture of wet and dry foods.


The female needs to breed after the age of Gestation lasts 60-65 days. The litters are composed on average of 4-5 kittens (from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6). There is a very prolific race, and sometimes, due to the large size of the pups, their structure strong and heavy and a large head and round, it may cause problems during childbirth. Puppies should be weaned at about thirty days of age, initially administering food very liquid and then switch to solid food easily digestible


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