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Korat Cat




Originally from Thainlandia, is still considered a lucky animal in the south-east Asia. It 'a cat agile, strong and elegant, has a robust body and muscular, proportionate legs, and tail of medium length.


Size: medium, weighing between 2.5 and the 4.5 kg

Head: it must be heart-shaped, tapered nose

Ears: Broad at the base, are erected.

Eyes: large, are yellow to green or amber puppy but they become an adult

Coat: dense, soft and adherent to the skin must be fine and shiny, the hair should be clear to the base and darker at the end.

Colour: blue-gray, without streaks

Life expectancy: 15 years


The Korat cat is affectionate and playful, is highly bound to his master. And 'authoritarian stubbornly defends his territory Intelligent and curious, to be educated as a child not to be the "master" It' s a cat home, it needs to get out can not stand the noise, needs a quiet home and her berth must be located in a quiet place and repaired. Difficulties with living with other cats and dogs.


His cloak is spent every day with a glove with flannel and brushed once a week. Suffer from drops in temperature and is prone to colds He needs company and loves to play.


It has no special dietary requirements: it can be fed fresh or packaged food, dry or wet. The fresh food is not recommended during pregnancy and still be integrated with calcium and vitamins.


The female has the first heat between 7 and 10 months of age should not be mated first year and a half old Gestation lasts about 2 months. Born an average of 4-5 kittens per litter Female and male infants are very attached to, together with love and care for them. The kittens reach full beauty only after two years.


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