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Today Thailand is considered the cradle of origin also of the Oriental. An analysis recently carried out free of cats that live in the vicinity of Bangkok has shown that these cats have 50% for the coat of one color and green eyes (like Europe) and only 20% have colored tips and blue eyes (characteristics of the Siamese). The ancient oriental origin is evidenced by numerous illustrations in a book of poems Ayudha, ancient capital of Siam, burned and destroyed in 1767. The Orientals were among the first to be imported from Thailand and Great Britain until the beginning of the century were bred, and shown as a Siamese considered in all respects. In the twenties, the Siamese Cat Club of the United Kingdom had decided to consider only Siamese and only those which had colored the tips and blue eyes and that would no longer be possible to exhibit solid and cats with green eyes nor make them coupling between them. The breed was totally rebuilt after the war and you have to wait until 1952 to see the results of such commitment: it arose from the structure of the magnificent cats East, with excellent color brown is very hot at first baptized havana. The breed was officially recognized in 1976 by CFA in 1977 by the GCCF and FIFE.


It has a slender body. The gait is elegant.

Size: medium (about 5 kg, 4 kg male and female)

Head: Long, flat, tapered with a pointed snout. Her nose with straight profile and a long neck and slender.

Ears: are large and very wide at the base.

Eyes are medium size, almond shaped, slightly oblique, colored green and gold.

Legs: long and thin, but well muscled with little feet and nails oval with well-spoken.

Tail: long, thin and long.

Coat: Fine, silky and shiny, is very close to the body and without undercoat.

Colors: All solid colors are allowed, the two colors, the smoke, and the silver tabby.

Life expectancy: 15 years


The Oriental cat has a strong and determined character, just listen to his master, who is very attached. Lively and cheerful meows often. And 'sociable, curious and unpredictable, but generally does not combine damage at home. His ideal is the garden, where he can vent his energy. It adapts well to apartment life, provided he can go outside. Curious, loves company, loves to play, is very active, you can safely carry a leash, loves to be heard, is in fact a very vocal cat.


The coat should be cleaned daily with a soft cloth to keep it shiny. He needs a lot of physical activity should be allowed to run, jump and climb. He loves to play and, when forced to stay at home, constantly seeking company. He hates the cold and should be protected during the winter rain, humidity and air currents.


It is not advisable to feed it with food prepared at home. Better to feed it with packaged foods, provided they are of high quality and often varying taste (especially like the fish). He has a great appetite: it has a tendency to gain weight, especially when it has the ability to "burn calories".


It 'a cat early: the female has the 1 ° heat within 6 months of life. It 's better to wait until 2 or 3 heat before it joined. Gestation lasts 2 months and are born to each birth to 9 kittens.


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