Sphynx the nacked cat

Sphynx the nacked cat

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Sphynx Cat




The naked cat, as it is called, has done much to talk about himself, when he appeared for the first time at an exhibition in 1984 and the Italian feline cat a little intimidated and trembling broke the "floor" in two, since first time: on one hand those who loved him, the other by those who rejected it. You can still remember that event as a real earthquake, because then the race was not yet recognized by any association. And 'in the thirties, however, you start to get news of the birth of ipotrichidi ie, hairless. In fact in 1936, in Wilmington, North Carolina, in a litter of four kittens are born with two kittens hairless tail and pussy completely naked. In 1938, in Paris, instead, to quote one Professor Létard puppies naked with a pair of Siamese. But since 1964, which opens the chapter's official history of the Sphynx, and everything, it happens in Canada. The official recognition for the breed had in 1983. The Sphynx after the council, which was held in spring 2001 in Albufeira in Portugal has also been recognized by FIFe (the European Federation Feline). Now in fact, the Sphynx can be enrolled in the LOI and are thus born farms in Italy. The first to bring the breed in our country was Ms. Lash (Tao Miao) who also breeds Devon Rex, which imported from Scotland and 2 females, with the help of dog imported from France Ms Belestrieri gave rise to the Sphynx Italian! Soon their example was followed by some lovers of the breed, giving birth to new farms, including Ms. Angela Novelli RedAngel breeding Sphynx


The cat Sphynx shows a body of medium size. The bone structure is fine and the muscles are compact. And 'no whiskers and eyelashes.

Head: slightly wider than long, not round it wedge.

Ears: Large and rounded at the edges.

Eyes: lemon-shaped. The color is consistent with that of the mantle.

Nose: Short, bearing the coat of solid color.

Tail long and tapering.

Legs and feet: long and thin. The feet have long toes.

Coat: is characterized by the complete lack of hair, except in some points and the wrinkle-free skin is taut, except for the head. The accepted colors are different. If the specimen is one color, the belly and the inside of the feet must be clear.


The Sphynx cat is a sticky, follows his master everywhere, watching him carefully, and never leaves him. Learn their habits and do not want them to be changed. She needs constant attention from the master caresses, affectionate glances, little attentions.


Your skin breathes and must be cleaned gently and constantly. The ears become dirty easily and produce large quantities of wax. Should be cleansed with cotton balls. When the area of ??the feet and nails are dirty should be washed with care. Should not undergo the effect of air currents and in colder climates it is best not to let it outside.


The litters are made from 3 to 6 kittens. At birth, a small Sphynx varies from 80 to 100 grams. Already after 15 days are real acrobats and after 4 weeks are almost weaned. These kittens have exaggerated energy and are very early.


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