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Regulation studbook

[Download in pdf format studbook Regulation: Regulation studbook]

Article 1 - General

This Regulation shall be made under the Statute of breeding scottish fold (ABS), and its aims are the protection and welfare of the cat and the regulation of reproduction in order to discourage speculative infiltration / commercial, being members of 'AFI / WCF dedicated breeding and selection of purebred cat that takes place only at amateur level.
Under Article. 4 of the Statute each member has the right to enroll their cats in the LOI AFI / WCF

2 - The Genealogical Books

The Genealogical Books that make up the Book origins AFI / WCF are:

1. Studbook Italian AFI / WCF
2. Italian Paper Recognized AFI / WCF
3. Paper Registration Card AFI / WCF
4. Book Cats Home AFI / WCF

The Book origins AFI / WCF is maintained by the Head of the studbook, as provided by art. 13 paragraph 1) of the Statute.
The Origins of the Book Manager prepares all the necessary forms for the proper management of the studbook and takes care of all necessary to the achievement of social goals in the assignment entrusted to him.
During each session of the Executive Council must be provided a report of the Head of the studbook, which will inform the Chairman and the Board actions taken, the volume of documentation produced, recorded and posted the further necessary to verify the way the life membership.

3 - Italian studbook AFI / WCF

Are recorded at studbook Italian AFI / WCF:

1. Cats have four generations of pedigree issued by a club or association which is part of the World Cat Congress.
2. The pups born to parents enrolled in the studbook Italian AFI / WCF or registered in the studbook mare Italian AFI / WCF and stallion that meets the requirements for membership of the studbook Italian AFI / WCF.

4 - Book Italian Recognized AFI / WCF

I am enrolled in the Italian paper Recognized AFI / WCF:

1. Cats have a pedigree of four generations with less issued by a club or association among those listed in Article. 3.
2. Cats have a pedigree issued by a club or association other than those listed in Art. 3 regardless of the number of generations indicated.
3. The pups born to a parent member of the Italian Book Recognized AFI / WCF, or qualified to be registered, and a member of the Paper Registration Card AFI / WCF.
4. The pups born to two parents enrolled in the Italian paper Recognized AFI / WCF, with less than three generations behind recognized.
5. The pups born from the mating described in Art .. - Rules relating to race, color, and non-standard couplings.

5 - Paper Registration Card AFI / WCF

Can obtain the Registration Card cats lack the requirements to be enrolled in the books referred to in Articles 3 and 4, and part List of Breeds Admitted to the novitiate in art. ... - Rules relating to race, color, and non-standard couplings.
Registration Paper Registration Card AFI / WCF is subject to the presentation of cat exposure AFI / WCF class "novices" and obtaining, in the course of this exposure, the recognition of race and color, together with the qualification "excellent" (88 points standard).
The presentation in class "novices" may be made only after completion of the sixth month of life, and judgment must be countersigned by two judges qualified to judge the breed to which it asks the cat presented the award.
The cat owner applied for recognition, should consult the Head of the studbook, sending all the documents in its possession relating to cats in question.
In the case of a favorable opinion the cat may be useful in writing their first exposure.
The Exhibition Manager will inform the courts about the presence of cat in novice class, and provide them with all necessary information.

6 - Paper House Cats AFI / WCF

House of the Book of Cats may be entered all the cats do not belong to any recognized breed, and not clearly recognizable as hybrids.
The House of Cats older than 6 months must be sterilized, the veterinary certificate attesting that the sterilization must be sent to the Head of the studbook with the application for registration, or after the completion of the sixth month for cats registered at a younger age .
The House of Cats older than 6 months not neutered will not participate in cat shows.

7 - Affix - Grant and revocation

The posted will be issued to:

a) a single member;
b) to partners (couples, families, etc..), provided that all owners are members AFI / WCF;
c) two or more persons who request it based on personal agreements (partnerships, in fact or other facts provided by the CC) provided that all members are AFI / WCF

The enrollment of the first litter born from a mare owned by the partner involves the obligation of the request dell'affisso.
The joint holding dell'affisso issued to an individual member may be made at any time by paying the registration fee.
In case of joint account posted a statement of the request to affix the first and second holder as in case of division or dispute, it will be automatically posted to the first holder.
You may issue dell'affisso according to the formula "family Nomefamiglia", provided with the request that specifies the names of members AFI / WCF that make up the family itself, while indicating the first nominee for the purposes of any future division.
In the case of posters issued to Members of point c) the request will have already posted include the term of the person to remain posted in the event of dissolution of partnership agreements.
With the award dell'affisso only one nominee, the females may cointestate reintestate must necessarily be a regular change of ownership to a single owner.
Each shareholder may hold more affixes.
The posted request must be sent to the Head of the studbook, which will verify the uniqueness of the required name.
In case the verification to be successful, the new will be registered on the lists posted AFI / WCF and validated at the international level.
The affix can not be revoked as provided for life.

Section 8 - Practice Book Sources

1. Termination of birth

The birth of pups produced by dams included in the AFI Genealogical Books / WCF must be reported to the studbook by sending the appropriate form prepared by the Head of the studbook, filled in all its parts.
If the mare is not registered in the Books Genealogical AFI / WCF, you must arrange for its registration, simultaneously sending the declaration of birth.
If the stallion is not registered in the AFI Genealogical Books / WCF, the declaration of birth of the puppies must be accompanied by the complaint of riding and a photocopy of the pedigree.
In the declaration of birth must be included all the components of the litter pups, are not permitted additions to rear.
Complaints sent to the Book Origins of birth over a year after the effective date of birth of the puppies will be accepted upon payment of its arrears.

2. Pedigree

a) Description
The pedigrees issued dall'AFI / WCF include the 4 generations previous owner of the subject pedigree.
For the individual owner of the pedigree will be given: full name displayed, sex, documented, assigned registration number, race, color, date of birth, registration date, if known composition of the litter, the breeder extremes, extremes of Owner (if different breeder), microchip number, if known, exist in clinical trials for genetic diseases typical of the breed, by sending a copy of tests performed with the request to the pedigree.
For the parents of the subject are given: details of the origins of membership book registration (AFI / WCF or other) posted full name, title, if any, race, color, exist in clinical trials for genetic diseases typical of the breed, by sending the copies of the tests performed with the request to pedigree or if already known from the Book origins AFI / WCF
For further generations will be given: details of the origins of the membership book registration (AFI / WCF or other) posted full name, title, if any, race, color.
b) Issue of pedigree pups born to mares entered in the AFI Genealogical Books / WCF
The release of the pedigree may be required even after the declaration of birth, without any time limit, may also be required for each puppy individually at different times.
All puppies reported and recorded in the Genealogical Books AFI / WCF must precede or follow the name of the member dall'Affisso owner, or, in case of joint holding of the bitch, than that of owners.
c) Transcript of pedigrees from other associations
For the purpose of being recorded in the genealogical books AFI / WCF pedigree cats from other associations, the owner must submit to the Manager of the original pedigree studbook, accompanied by the transference in the original case in the pedigree was not already the name of the person requesting transcript .
If the pedigree was drawn up by an association that, for his costume, does not emit the transference, the person requesting the transcript must include a declaration written and signed by the farmer or sold by anyone's cat which requires registration with the Genealogical Books AFI / WCF, certifying the actual property
The pedigrees drafted in non-Latin characters must be accompanied by a translation into Italian.
The original documents will be returned along with the new pedigree AFI / WCF, and the same will apply stamp that summarizes the details of transcription in pedigree AFI / WCF
d) Pedigree "not for breed" issue and transcription

the. Emission
In fulfillment of the provisions of art. 3 of the Statute, the AFI / WCF believes that a proper political control of the feline population, including those from feline husbandry, and the conscious approach of new breeders breeding cat, can not be obtained through the issuance of so-called " not for pedigree breed "whose only function is to ban the production of documents for pups born to parents with such kind of pedigree, without which the same is in no way prevented from reproducing.
Farmers AFI / WCF will provide and then to implement a proper policy contract, possibly making use of standard contracts prepared by the association, which is binding on the new owners of entities which are suitable for breeding, for commercial reasons or for genetic reasons, to the sterilization of the same.
If the pedigree of those sold under the contract bound to be asked for the sterilization, attaching a copy of veterinary certificate of sterilization has been the request of pedigree, the details thereof shall be shown on the pedigree.
ii. Transcription
The transcript of subjects from other associations and possess pedigree "not for breed" will be made only if such persons are sterilized, the documents referred to in paragraph c) shall be accompanied by a veterinary certificate in original, stating the 'the sterilization.
The pedigree AFI / WCF will report the details of the veterinary certificate of successful sterilization.

3. Change of ownership (transfer)

For the purpose of the assignment of subjects from their breeding a member must request the performance of the "change of ownership" by filling out the form to be sent to the Head of the studbook.
In case of transfer of ownership made the request to the pedigree, the details of the new owner will be given on the same pedigree, otherwise you will hear the relevant document (transference).

9 - Control of litter

If a breeder forward to the studbook of the documentation required for the pedigree of their own litter containing apparent inconsistencies, the Head of the studbook will ask the Board to appoint an ad hoc committee for the control of litter.
The committee will consist of the Head of the studbook itself, and a judge "to breed". Unable to find a judge "all breed", the Board will indicate the name of a breeder of race for which you need control, well known for his long experience and probity. The expenses of the Committee on the reporting burden.

Article 10 - Rules relating to race, color, and non-standard couplings

1. Novitiate
It is generally admitted to the novitiate any of the recognized breeds. The Board of Directors, following a reasoned request of the Head of the studbook, may admit the novitiate copies of which registration is sought and part List Breeds Admitted to the Novitiate.
This list will be prepared by the Head of the studbook on the basis of the information on the spread of cat breeds and blood lines available from the international circuit feline.

2. Hybridizations
Hybridizations are allowed only for breeds for which this possibility is explicitly permitted by the internationally recognized standard.
Farmers wishing to make hybrids for study must submit to the Head of the studbook a project indicating the purpose of the study, races and parties involved. This draft will be submitted to the Executive Council, which will carry out the necessary checks, even at the international, for the purpose of granting or denying approval to it.

3. Breeds from lethal mutations
For breeds created from lethal mutations, will be recorded in the studbook only the couplings are safe:

a) Manx (Cymric)
The coupling between the two copies Manx Rumpy, or between a Rumpy and a Rumpy Raiser is prohibited. For the purpose of breeding specimens Rumpy Rumpy Riser or can be paired only with specimens or Stumpy Longie.
It also allowed the hybridization with the British Shorthair.
They are allowed on show in open class, and only subjects Rumpy Rumpy Riser. Subjects Logie Stumpy and are intended for reproduction.

b) Scottish Fold (Fold Highland)
The coupling of two specimens Scottish Fold is prohibited. For the purpose of breeding specimens Scottish Fold can be paired only with specimens Straight Scottish or British Shorthair.
For the purpose of the issue of the pedigree will perform the following assessments:
- Cats with folded ears: Scottish Fold
- Cats with straight ears Scottish Straight

It is not allowed to register puppies with ears pricked as British Shorthair / Longhair and not allowed to use these puppies for the breeding of British Shorthair / Longhair.

The responsible conduct periodic surveys of the studbook, including internationally, in order to develop proposals for new entries and / or modifications to this point. The proposals will become part of this Regulation after a favorable opinion of the Executive Council.

11 - Feline Registry

For the attainment of social goals, and in particular the provisions of art. 3 Section 3 of the Statute, the studbook AFI / WCF will be online, and some of the data contained in it, while respecting the privacy legislation, will be made public and accessible, assuming all the functions of a real Feline Registry .

il gatto british shorthair